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ATTENTION: Men and women over 30 who love good food, are pressed for time,
tired of figuring out ‚what‚s for dinner?‚ and still want to enjoy delicious
healthy meals that keep you lean in just minutes a day!

"If You've Got Just 15 Minutes a Day... We Will Show You How To Shed 10, 15,
Even 20 Pounds of "Trapped" Fat While Devouring Healthy Meals So Delicious
You'll Think They're Bad For You"

How a Breakthrough Discovery From a Busy Mom and Dad Helps Your Body Burn Fat
24/7 Without Counting Calories, Starving Yourself, or Relying on Unhealthy
"Diet" Foods

Hey, Yuri Elkaim and Amy Coates here and we‚d like to ask you a

Are you fed up with not being able to lose weight and keep it off? Sick
and tired of constantly trying to figure out what to have for your next
meal? Are you bored of the same old bland meals?

This letter will change all of that for you.

Today's "Diet" Foods Stress Your Body, Confuse Your Hormones, and Create
Deadly Inflammation‚¶Your Body Responds by HOLDING onto Fat

Did you know that in 2013, Americans spent an estimated $2.4 billion on
weight-loss diets and pills, according to a report by research firm
IBIS World?

Yet, still more than 2/3 of Americans are overweight or obese. So
what‚s going on here?

Well, one of the largest studies on this topic out of UCLA found that
people who diet typically lose 5% to 10% of their starting weight in
the first six months, but between one-third and two-thirds of them end
up REGAINING more weight than they lost within four to five years.

Why does this happen?

First, when you eat foods that trigger inflammation inside your body ‚
like many diet and processed foods and even seemingly healthy foods
like whole grains and soy ‚ your adrenal glands pump out the stress
hormone cortisol. Over time, this chronically high level of cortisol
prompts your body to store more fat around your stomach and vital

Also, worrying out about what to eat is another form of unneeded stress
that leads to elevated cortisol and eventually increased belly fat.

Second, leptin is a hormone that is produced by your fat cells, which
tells the control center in your brain (known as the hypothalamus) that
you‚re ‚full‚ and have enough ‚energy‚ to function.

Normally, when you eat, your fat cells increase in size slightly, and
leptin is released, telling your brain to STOP eating.

However, when you‚re overweight or eat processed foods that contain
brain-disrupting ingredients like sugar, fructose, MSG, or aspartame,
your hypothalamus becomes resistant to leptin.

That means that your brain NEVER gets the message that you‚re full and
so you feel like eating everything in sight. Your brain‚s ‚off switch‚
no longer works properly.

So‚¶can you see why eating common ‚diet‚ and processed foods (and being
overweight) is so dangerous?

Deprivation And Counting Calories is NOT the Answer

Have a look at most of the people you know that have gone on a diet or
obsessed about counting calories. Have a look at women and men who
choose the low-fat yogurt, the margarine over butter, or think they‚re
doing good by drinking diet sodas.

Now, you tell us: have their bodies changed at all in the past 90 days?
We'll wager you said, ‚No,‚ And you would be correct.

And that‚s because most people can‚t keep themselves from eating
forbidden foods for long‚¶so when they do, they BINGE, taking in a ton
of ‚bad‚ calories all at once.

The result is simple ‚ MORE fat on your hips, thighs, belly, and
everywhere else!

If you‚ve ever found yourself in this situation then please know that
it is NOT your fault.

Why? Because good people just like you have been misled and lied to by
the food and diet industry. You‚ve probably even been brainwashed to
believe that low-calorie diet foods are ‚smart‚ options because they
supposedly help you lose weight‚¶quickly and conveniently.

Just pop them in the microwave or open the box‚¶and enjoy!

But the TRUTH is that sneaky food companies vilify health-transforming
whole foods because they supposedly take too long to make...and so they
force their man-made products on you as the quicker, healthier

(We‚ll show you otherwise in just a moment. So keep reading.)

Study Proves It:
‚Low Fat‚ Actually Means MORE Fat!

According to a 2006 study in the Journal of Marketing Research, people
who saw a ‚low fat‚ label on a food package ate up to 50% more of that
food in a sitting than people who didn‚t. No wonder diet foods make us

And a 2010 study in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association
found that the actual amount of calories in frozen diet foods was an
average of 8% higher than what was listed on the label, and that items
served in restaurants had 18% more calories than the menus said they

The TRUTH is that the diet industry is in the business of making you
scared of real, wholesome food and getting you addicted to their
quick-fix (yet dangerously fattening) artificial products.

Living off ‚low calorie‚, ‚low fat‚, and other ‚diet‚ foods NEVER works
in the long run. And it drives you crazy in the process!

How The French Stay Lean Even While Eating Pounds of Butter

Have you ever heard of the French Paradox? It was a catchphrase, first
used in the late 1980s, that referred to the paradox that French people
have a relatively low incidence of obesity and disease, while having a
diet rich in delicious natural foods, including saturated fats.

How could this be?

Here we are in North America obsessing about every little calorie and
avoiding the very foods that are helping the French stay lean and

Michael Pollan, in his book In Defense of Food, explains it best by

‚‚¶not any single nutrient, but the combination of nutrients found
in unprocessed food; not any one nutrient, nor the amount of
carbohydrates or fats or proteins, but the whole length and breadth
of nutrients found in "natural" foods as opposed to "processed"

Eating REAL FOOD made from scratch is how the French and most
indigenous cultures around the world have remained lean and healthy.

And that's exactly how YOU will do it too. And the best part is that
you don‚t have to spend all day in the kitchen.

We'll show you how in just a moment...

I (Yuri) used to live in France and experienced their culture and
delicious foods firsthand. And I can tell you that calorie counting and
diet foods were never a part of their diet ‚ until they recently
adopted more American dieting ideals.

And the best part is that we‚re going to show how to enjoy the fat
burning and health benefits of eating delicious ‚real‚ meals in just
minutes per day!

No More Dieting. No More Deprivation. No More Tasteless Healthy Meals That
Take Hours to Prepare. No More Thinking About What to Eat or Feeling Guilty
About What You Just Ate ‚ Ever!

Now, we‚re sure you understand how important it is to eat real food.
We‚re not going to insult your intelligence.

But we also know that one of the reasons many people don‚t do what they
know (ie. eat better quality food) is because most healthy recipes
either taste like cardboard or require too much time to prepare.

It‚s certainly a lot easier to order take out or rip open a bag of
chips when you‚re stressed or tight on time.

We get it.

But what if you actually craved delicious, whole food meals? Meals that
are simple super to make and that dazzle your tastebuds. And best of
all, meals that take mere minutes to make‚¶that you could turn to in a

Both Amy and I are naturally quite lazy so we completely get not
wanting to spend all of your time in the kitchen. Yes, we love good
food but we‚d rather have it sooner than later, right?

That‚s why we only create delicious whole food recipes that burn fat
and take no time at all to prepare. We‚ve quickly become known for
providing the BEST quick and delicious healthy meals that burn fat.

Recipes and meal plans that work for the busy, over-30 man or woman who
wants equally FAST results... without spending all day in the kitchen,
counting calories, or the same old bland recipes.

Listen: We don‚t spend more than a few minutes preparing our meals.
We‚ve got 3 young boys (and ourselves) to feed so we don‚t have time to
mess around. But we also love great tasting food that‚s good for us and
that‚s exactly what we‚re here to provide for you as well.

The Answer To The Lean Healthy Body You Want Is Found Within Our ‚Food
Freedom Formula‚

Are you tired of feeling like a prisoner to impossible dieting rules
and bland health foods that take forever to make? Are you tired of
beating yourself if your diet isn‚t ‚perfect‚? Are you done feeling
guilty for enjoying foods that actually taste good?

If so, then the ‚Food Freedom Formula‚ that is integral to this program
will finally give you the FREEDOM (and mouthwatering, healthy meals)
you‚ve been craving for far too long.

Let us quickly tell you about the 3 tenets of our Food Freedom Formula:

Allergen-Free, Guilt-Free‚¶100% Tasty

Do you want to lose 10 to 20 pounds or more while still enjoying
delicious food? Good because you won‚t need to deprive yourself of
mouth-watering meals ever again!

That‚s because every meal we‚ll be providing for you is 100%
allergen-friendly, which means there‚s NO gluten, dairy, corn, soy, or
other inflammatory allergens that disrupt your vital fat-burning
hormones, making it near impossible to lose weight.

When you eat our meals you won‚t need to count calories or feel guilty
about indulging in delicious food because these flavorful
anti-inflammatory foods are the ‚magic bullet‚ to balancing your
hormones and keeping you lean, healthy, and happy.

So, go ahead‚¶eat your heart out‚¶without feeling guilty!
15 Minutes - From Start to ‚Satisfied‚

Yes, we love great food and we appreciate making meals from scratch.
But we certainly don‚t have all day to spend in the kitchen, do we?

The good news for you is that, other than tasting great and doing your
body good, every single meal takes less than 15 minutes to prepare.
Certain meals may sit in the oven or crockpot a little longer but at
least the prep will have taken just a few minutes of your time.

Imagine that ‚ delicious, guilt-free, fat burning meals that you can
enjoy quicker than it would take a gooey fattening pizza to be
delivered to your door. They‚re so fast, that you might even feel like
your days now have 26 hours
Done-For-You Simplicity

You‚re busy. You‚ve got stuff to do‚¶and perhaps kids to feed and take
of as well. The last thing you want to do is figure out ‚what to make
for dinner‚, especially after a long, tiring day.

As you‚ve experienced before, when you‚re tired and stressed, good
decision-making goes down the drain. Instead, you feel like tearing
open a bag of chips or devouring that ‚hidden‚ chocolate bar, which do
little more than pack on weight and leave you feeling terrible.

We‚re here to make your life as easy as possible and take the heavy
food burden off your shoulders. That‚s why we‚re hooking you up with
the BEST simple recipes that don‚t require being a chef to make‚¶ along
with daily meal plans that give you ‚laser-like‚ guidance on exactly
which fat burning meals to eat and when.

There‚s nothing wrong with experimenting with new recipes and trying
things out on your own but if that‚s a daily occurrence your chances of
success are slim to none.

These 3 tenets give you the FREEDOM to live your life without being a
slave to food‚¶

Our Proven Formula Saves You Time, Simplifies Your Life, and Turns Your Body
Into a 24/7 Fat Burning Machine

Is that something you want?

I bet it is.

This is truly the ultimate done-for-you solution for quick and
delicious healthy meals that burn fat‚¶without counting calories,
feeling guilty about food, or spending all your time in the kitchen.

It takes the frustration and thought out of meal prep and resets your
body‚s natural ability to start "burning" every ounce of unwanted fat‚¶

‚¶fat that has been ‚trapped‚ inside your body for years.

And yo u‚ll get to do this all while savoring delicious dinners,
sensational smoothies, healthy ‚wonder‚ breads, and even irresistible
homemade desserts as often as you like.

Whether you‚re looking for paleo or vegan options, you can enjoy the
most delicious healthy meals that will please your tastebuds and sizzle
away fat. And you‚ll get the daily meal plans and grocery lists to make
eating yummy, fat-burning meals as easy as 1-2-3.

How Do We Know?

As a leading holistic nutritionist, health expert, and New York Times
bestselling author who‚s helped more than 500,000 men and women to
amazing health over the past 15 years‚¶

I (Yuri) can tell you that the most important thing you can do to lose
weight and keep it off is to focus on the QUALITY ‚ not quantity ‚ of
the foods you eat. That means calories matter little if you eat foods
that are packed with high quality nutrients.

And that‚s what my wife (and fellow nutritionist) Amy and I have spent
so many years compiling for our clients. And now you get to benefit
from it as well in a way that simplifies your life and allows you to
enjoy great tasting food once again.

Here‚s what a few of our clients have said about delicious, fat burning

"Eat your way to a new healthier you with Yuri, Amy, and their team‚s
fantastic recipes! Yes you can eat and love it along with loving your
newfound energy and body!! I did and I am!!!"

- Nadine Miral

"I thought that I could never stop eating bread and cheese, but now
that I've started using these recipes, I can't imagine eating any other
way. Most meals can be prepared in less than half an hour, and they
taste great. More importantly, I feel so much better. My acid reflux
and IBS symptoms have improved tremendously, and so far I have lost 23

- Michelle Urena

"I have been so impressed with all of the recipes on this plan. They‚re
simple to make and all very satisfying. I especially love the Creamy
Tomato Soup with Sausage, my kids love it too and that is a big plus in
my household!"

- Hillary Lambrecht

We Simplify Your Life, Shrink Your Waistline, And Dazzle Your Tastebuds
‚¶Most Regular ‚Cookbooks‚ Don‚t

Having helped more than half a million people to amazing health and
lean bodies over the past two decades I‚ve seen it...I've tried
it...and I keep coming back to what really works:

Eating real food in a way that is simple, tasty, and nourishing. No
deprivation or complicated dieting schemes.

Did you know that most people have been duped into believing that
secret diet foods are required to lose weight and that eating real
wholesome foods takes too much time, is too expensive, and is too

Well, that‚s exactly why I‚ve put this together Fast Fat Burning Meals

You deserve to feel FREE and no longer held hostage by stupid diet
‚rules‚ or meals that are impossible to make.

Unlike traditional cookbooks that simply ‚fire hose‚ hundreds of
time-sucking recipes at you ‚ that are likely more suitable for
professional chefs‚¶

The simple ‚done-for-you‚ recipes and meal plans inside our cookbook
give you fast, fat-burning results, while allowing you to once again
enjoy your food ‚ without the guilt!

And you can feel like a hero in your kitchen because they‚re so easy to

Ah‚¶doesn‚t that just feel great?

It Works FAST... It Works EVERY TIME

You just have to be willing to follow the recipes and simple meal plan
and your body will take care of itself. There are no complicated meal
plans, counting calories or points, or gimmicky diet foods found

Why? Because none of that nonsense works‚¶and you know it.

Every shady marketer, diet book, and food company wants you to believe
there's some kind of shortcut to the body and health you desire.
They're full of it. You're too smart to buy into that, right?

Remember, Amy and I are in our mid 30s. We‚re extremely busy raising 3
young boys (under 5 years old), and are on a mission to serve millions
of people around the world. We don‚t believe in stupid, time-sucking
diets or laborious, tasteless recipes.

We put this solution together with busy men and women like us (and
older) in mind, and it's specifically and uniquely tailored to provide
you with quick and delicious healthy meals that burn fat.

People like Patrick Diaz‚¶

A busy new dad who for years struggled with being severely overweight.
However, following these types of delicious fat-burning meals he lost
30 pounds in just 42 days!

Or look at Michelle ‚ another one of our client‚s who was always tired
and bloated because she relied on convenient processed foods for most
her meals.

After just 21 days she noticed increased energy and that her pants were
looser. She even fit into an old pair of skinny jeans!

By day 42, her cravings were gone and she had lost 13 pounds, 4 inches,
and 6% body fat!

And it‚s these same real food-based meals that will slow the aging
process, help you lose years of ‚trapped‚ fat, add a pep in your step,
and overcome food cravings that may have held you hostage for years!

You‚re going to eat anyways so you might as well be eating foods that
create the body you want.

And just know THIS...

This Works for Anyone‚¶Male or Female‚¶ No Matter How Young or How Old You

Over the past 15 years, we have seen the same common ‚stories‚ told
over and over again...

‚I‚m too busy and I don‚t have time to prepare healthy meals‚

‚I don‚t know how to eat healthy‚

‚Eating healthy is too expensive‚

‚I‚ve tried everything‚¶I simply can‚t lose weight!‚

We want you to realize that these stories are just that ‚ stories. And
if you have been telling yourself one or more of them, they will hold
you back from achieving the health and body you want!

That‚s going to stop today because:

The Fast Fat Burning Meals cookbook is a simple, proven system that
works for anyone at any age, without overhauling your life.

That means you can prepare delicious healthy meals for yourself and
your family without becoming a slave to your kitchen or blowing all of
your money on expensive foods.

Amy and I use these recipes to make dinner together with our kids and
we have a blast. Most importantly, we look and feel better than ever.

And so too have our clients all around the world. Here‚s what a few of
them have to say:

"These healthy but oh-so-delicious recipes are the number one reason
why I decided that going gluten- and dairy-free is not so bad after
all. I couldn't have done it if it wasn't so delicious! These meals are
amazingly delicious, they make me feel so much happier, healthier and
more energetic. They completely changed the way I look at food and

- Judite Senkane

"Eat your way to a new healthier you with Yuri, Amy, and their team‚s
fantastic recipes! Yes you can eat and love it along with loving your
newfound energy and body!! I did and I am!!!"

- Nadine Miral

"I've been everything from vegan to paleo and tried all sorts of eating
plans. Yuri's fat burning meals have been the easiest to make, follow,
and most importantly enjoy! They are delicious and straightforward, and
easy to incorporate into my busy lifestyle. Moreover, I can make them
for my husband and he has no complaints either!

- Kate Skeith

From Flipping Burgers At McDonalds‚ And 30 Pounds Overweight To A Fit, Yummy
Mommy of Three

Although we‚ve helped hundreds of thousands of men and women around the
world to radiant health, know this:

We aren‚t genetic freaks. We both had to overcome years of terrible
eating habits. And we certainly don‚t spend all of our time in the

In fact, up until her mid-twenties, Amy struggled with her weight. In
college, she exploded past the typical ‚freshmen fifteen‚ by packing on
a total of 30 lbs in just one year.

It didn‚t help that she also worked at McDonalds‚ flipping burgers as a
teenager. Growing up on fast food and rarely ever having a meal at home
that was made from fresh foods, was a ticking time bomb that eventually
forced her to body to pack on stubborn weight.

For years, she tried every diet under the sun. She would lose some
weight here and there, only to put it back on (with interest) shortly
thereafter. It seemed like the more diets she tried, the more weight
she ended up gaining afterwards. By following the latest ‚low fat‚,
‚low calorie‚, and other diets-of-the-day she likely did more harm than

Then, one day, Amy snapped.

She was gearing up for a hockey game. Getting undressed in the locker
room with all the other girls, she felt embarrassed about her body. She
was certainly more comfortable hiding under her hockey equipment. At
least she thought so.

As she started to ‚gear up‚, she slid her legs through your hockey
pants and pulled them up. But they wouldn‚t budge! She couldn‚t believe
it. She couldn‚t even fit into her big hockey pants anymore. She felt
like running away and hiding in a cave. She knew something had to

Then there‚s me:

I certainly wasn‚t always a highly sought after health and nutrition
expert or New York Times bestselling author‚¶ and I certainly wasn‚t
always a regular guest on shows like Dr. Oz or The Doctors.

Growing up, my terrible diet caused me to suffer from a host of health
problems that I thought would simply take care of themselves because I
was so active.

Instead, my digestive problems, eczema, asthma, and low energy
eventually erupted into a full-blown autoimmune condition, in which my
body attacked my hair, leaving me complete bald from head to toe just
before my 17th birthday. I later discovered that this was largely
caused by my diet and eating a lot of supposed health foods.

Because of our mutual struggles growing up on foods that are known
dangers to the human body, Amy and I have always been passionate about
learning the truth about what creates optimal health and a lean body.
We wanted answers to our problems and those answers came rushing in
when we returned to school in our mid-twenties to study holistic

Since discovering the life-changing health and nutrition secrets from
that schooling, Amy has lost years of stubborn weight, had to buy
smaller hockey pants, and kept off the weight even after multiple
pregnancies. And both of us are leaner and healthier than we‚ve ever

And we‚re motivated more than ever to keep eating this way so that we
can provide our kids with the best start in life as possible. Something
neither Amy nor I had growing up.

It just so happens that the very meals that have kept both Amy and I
super lean and our entire family healthy are the SECRET to helping you
burn more fat as well.

Amy and I are not genetics freaks (as we just showed you) and the
recipes and meal plans that you‚re about to enjoy inside this cookbook
haven‚t just transformed our bodies and health‚¶

They‚ve also done so for countless other men and women around the world
as we showed you above.

Remember: Your Hormones Either Help You or Sabotage You‚¶What You Eat
Determines That

The same exact system that produced the above results can give you the
health and body you want as well. But how?

No matter how much weight you have to lose‚¶no matter if your hormones
are a mess‚¶and even if don‚t think you can lose weight and keep it

You can! And you will because:

Our ‚unique‚ whole food recipes help your body in TWO specific (and
powerful) ways:
1. They cool deadly inflammation, and
2. They rebalance your hormones and re-establish normal
hormone-to-brain communication that puts an end to cravings,
insatiable hunger, and excess fat storage.

And this is crucial since we‚ve already shown you that eating the wrong
foods that disrupt your hormone and create inflammation are the very
cause of your weight gain!

Thus, eating foods that fight inflammation, like the ones that are
abundantly found in our Fast Fat Burning Meals cookbook, is vitally
important at helping you beat belly fat.

In fact, ALL of your hormones will start to function properly as you
start eating the right kinds of foods...

The result‚¶effortless weight loss!

You Enjoy Peace of Mind And Remain in Total Control!

Now, here's the really good part (and ladies, listen up!) You are in
TOTAL CONTROL ‚ you simply eat when you want and stop when you‚re full.
At last, your body works as it should and you are in control of what
you eat ‚ not the other way around. You enjoy complete peace of mind
knowing that every meal and necessary shopping list is provided for
you. No more guesswork. Doesn‚t that feel awesome?!

I know, this sounds so incredibly simple... and it is. You see, you
might be confused right now about how to eat to lose weight‚¶in a way
that is actually easy and healthy for you.

There are so many super-complicated diets and recipes out there that
are not as healthy as they‚d like you to believe - it's enough to
confuse anyone! And it's not your fault.

So many magazines print the most confusing, and downright STUPID diet
plans and recipes (loaded with inflammatory and hormone disrupting
foods) we've ever seen! It's no wonder the nation is growing fatter by
the year, and people have no idea how to eat well.

Our motto is: radiant health and lasting weight loss begin in YOUR
kitchen with clean, simple, and great-tasting whole foods.

Everything You Need to SUCCEED Has Been Laid Out For YOU ‚ Step-by-Step ‚
Inside the Fast Fat Burning Meals Cookbook

So, let's recap what we've learned so far:

Since your body is truly made in the kitchen, the fastest way to lose
years of ‚trapped‚ fat is to have ‚done-for-you‚ recipes and meal plans
based on real, whole foods that fight inflammation and reset your
body‚s hormones to function properly. NOT counting calories, relying on
fleeting willpower, or turn to ‚diet‚ foods that send a wave of toxins
into your body that disrupt your ability to lose weight and keep it
off‚¶and drive you crazy in the process.

The mistake you absolute MUST AVOID is obsessing about calories and
depriving yourself of delicious REAL foods. Because, if you do, it‚s
only a matter of time before you rebel and eat everything in
sight‚¶causing you to pack on even more fat!

The solution is to focus on eating high-quality foods that are fast and
easy to make so that obsessing about calories becomes unnecessary.
Remember, low-calorie ‚diet‚ foods disrupt hormones in your body and
create excess inflammation, which forces you to store fat and eat more.
By contrast, eating delicious (even higher calorie) REAL food lowers
inflammation and helps your metabolism reset so that it can naturally
release unneeded fat. And you get to actually ENJOY your food again!

The results have been proven for centuries by generations of men and
women who ate real food found in nature. Not the processed crap that
you see on TV and down most aisles in the grocery store. Now, YOU can
have the exact ‚blueprint‚ to give your body exactly what it needs to
shed fat and feel amazing! And it‚s easier than ever before. Just eat!

These Quick Metabolism-Resetting and Fat-Burning Recipes Are Really Hard To

Unless you‚re a NY times bestselling nutrition author and health expert
who knows exactly the right foods to eat for cooling inflammation,
resetting your hormones, and releasing ‚trapped‚ fat, OR‚¶

You‚re a trained chef who knows exactly how to make mouth-watering
healthy meals in a matter of minutes, OR‚¶

You already have a proven ‚done-for-you‚ daily meal plan with itemized
grocery lists that‚s actually getting you the fat loss results you
want, THEN‚¶

You simply cannot find anything like the Fast Fat Burning Meals
cookbook anywhere on the planet but on this page.

Sure, you can find copycat approaches to meal planning online. And
there are certainly no shortage of cookbooks at your disposal. If you
really wanted to, you could order every cookbook on Amazon and try
figuring out which ones will help reshape your body. You could also
spend about 100+ hours on Google and probably track down 80% of what
Amy and I provide for you in the Fast Fat Burning Meals cookbook.

You could do that...but why?

After all, that‚s the exact reason why we created this solution. We've
not only created the system FOR you. We've already put the beautiful
recipes with full color professional photos that make your mouth water,
the daily meal plans, and the action steps all into one convenient,
easy to follow place that you can access AND put into action
immediately. That's it. Quick and delicious healthy meals that burn fat
‚ every time!

So, it's up to you: get access to everything we've created for you ‚
for pennies on the dollar ‚ or start digging around and hope you figure
it out.

And, no matter what you decide, you will never access our amazing
transformation stories (just look where Amy started after 3
pregnancies), all the specifics that can make or break your results,
and all the ridiculous freebies I'm about to show you without trying
out this one-of-a-kind cookbook.

Less Than the Cost of Ordering Pizza and Faster Than Picking up Take-Out at
Your Local Drive Thru

Here‚s what you get TODAY:

Fast Fat Burning Meals Cookbook($37 value)

Enjoy 30 of our best fat-burning meals that you and your entire family
will enjoy. They take less than 15 minutes to make, are 100%
allergy-friendly, and big on flavor.

Plus, we‚ve organized them for you in a convenient and easy-to-follow
30-day meal plan so that you know exactly what to have for breakfast,
lunch, and dinner. Now you can look forward to eating again without all
the fuss ‚ quickly and conveniently! Finally, enjoy ‚ 100% guilt-free ‚
delicious, healthy, fat-burning recipes like these:

And many more!

Easy-to-Follow 30-Day Meal Plan ($17 value)

Built into this cookbook is a ‚done-for-you‚ 30-day meal plan that
structures all of your recipes into a daily breakfast, lunch, and
dinner MENU for faster fat loss and so that you never have to stress
about what to have for your next meal ever again.

Itemized Grocery List ($7 value)

To make your life even easier, you‚ll also get an itemized shopping
list for all of the necessary ingredients for each meal so that you
know exactly which foods and ingredients (and in what quantities) to
grab at the store. Having this detailed breakdown will save you time
and money on foods that may otherwise go to waste.

Together, that‚s a total retail value of $61 and even at that ‚ it‚s a
total steal. Yet, that‚s not what you pay today because I‚ve set up a
special discount just for you to make grabbing the Fast Fat Burning
Meals cookbook as an absolute no-brainer!

Faster Than Fast Food?


Give Us Just 15 Minutes A Day, And You Will Never Struggle With Boring, Bland
Healthy Meals or Your Weight Ever Again! Yet‚¶

Go it alone, and you will end up confused and frustrated‚¶and you‚ll
end up right back here where you are right now. Amy and I have seen it
time and time again ‚ people try and do it on their own without our
super simple recipes and daily meal plans.

The results are NOT pretty.

Sure it sounds easy to ‚eat healthy‚ and that you can probably get
similar solutions elsewhere. But let‚s get real: if that were true, you
would have done so already and would look and feel exactly the way you

Without using our ‚Food Freedom Formula‚ your body will continue to
struggle with excess inflammation and messed up hormones that are
preventing you from losing weight and feeling more youthful.

That's because our Food Freedom Formula is highly specific and requires
eating (and omitting) exactly the right foods. It requires adhering to
a simple-to-follow, yet specific, daily meal plan that is proven to
melt fat.

You can‚t just slap a bunch of recipes together and expect great
results. That‚s what amateurs do. Pros follow a proven plan that is
developed by experts who have discovered the ‚formula‚ to quick and
lasting results.

That‚s what Amy and I have spent the last 15 years mastering. Now, for
less than the cost of a greasy pizza you can tap into our expertise and
enjoy the quickest, tastiest, and healthiest meals that burn fat ‚

WARNING: This is Definitely Not For Everyone

There are some people we simply do not want to give a copy of our
cookbook to... and we mean NO offense, but we just don't want you to
waste your time and money. Fair?

Fast Fat Burning Meals is NOT For You IF:

You think ‚simple‚ means we‚re going to ‚hand deliver‚ these meals to
your front door. Dream on. You are the one that has to take a few
minutes each day to prepare your meals. We‚ve done everything for YOU
except shop, chop, and cook your food‚¶making it as easy as possible
for you to meet us half way.

You don't want to improve the way you are eating. We cover some very
simple, basic dietary improvements that you will need to make to see
results come extra fast. These are essential, especially if you need to
lose weight. Nothing radical, but still...you will not be eating pizza,
French fries, and ice cream and wake up with the body of your dreams.

You don‚t love great tasting REAL food. Both Amy and I are big time
foodies. We love good food that‚s actually good for you‚¶and that‚s
what we specialize in creating for you. If you want to rely on ‚diet‚
foods that come in a box, then isn‚t for you.

Or, you refuse to move away from counting calories and worrying about
grams of fat. Once again, calories matter very little when you eat the
right nutrient-rich foods. Sure coconut milk contains more fat and
calories than margarine, but you know which one is better for you,
don‚t you? So let‚s agree to just eat natural, whole foods without
fussing about that nonsense.

Or, you are just one of those folks who will buy the cookbook and then
let it sit on your desktop and never put it to use. Please, don't waste
your money if that's the case. However, if that IS the case, just
realize you're only going to gain more and more weight‚¶lose control
over your diet‚¶be held hostage by food cravings‚¶.and perhaps even
become ill...unless you do something about your diet and health,
starting today.

Why We‚re Literally Giving This To You Today

Look around you...drive down any major street‚¶walk through any food

What do you see?

Nothing that will support your goal of eating healthy and losing
weight. In fact, the onslaught of terrible fast and fattening
convenience foods is exactly why Amy and I are determined to get these
simple, healthy fat-burning meals into your hands.

We know you‚re pressed for time. So are we. We know you don‚t want to
give up delicious foods. Neither do we. And we know you‚re done with
all that calorie counting nonsense, right?

We want you to succeed and we want to make it easy for you to
incorporate fast, healthy fat burning meals into your life.

That‚s why we‚re giving you this to you TODAY at such a ridiculous

Also, this is not some super-fancy hardcover book with a million-dollar
publisher's ad budget. This is just a simple, yet beautiful,
comprehensive, and to-the-point digital cookbook (PDF format) that will
give you the everything you need ‚ recipes, inspiring pictures, meal
plan, ingredients - in as little time as possible.

Plus, we‚re on a mission to transform the lives of more than 10 million
people by 2018. And we know that the only to do that is by making
done-for-you healthy, fat-burning recipes and meal plans more
accessible to reach as many people as possible.

Guaranteed to Simplify Your Life, Shrink Your Waistline, And Dazzle Your
Tastebuds ‚ Or You Pay Nothing!

Which means that if, within 60 days, you do not feel that the Fast Fat
Burning Meals Cookbook has saved you time, given you more peace of
mind, and helped you stay lean without ever counting calories and
giving up delicious foods, then you don't pay a dime.... and you still
get to keep the cookbook as our gift to you!

If you aren‚t impressed before the end of your FREE 30-day trial, then
simply email us so we can cancel your membership.

Get it TODAY Before This SPECIAL PRICE Expires

To celebrate the release of this new cookbook, we‚re giving you a $20
discount. However, this offer is only valid for a few days ‚ until this
countdown timer on this page expires.

After that, this RIDICULOUSLY low price will be gone and we‚ll be
increasing the price of the cookbook to its higher regular price.

So you best order now to make sure you lock in the lowest price
possible. Plus‚¶

We've Done Everything For YOU Except Shop, Chop, and Cook Your Food!

Yet, We Wanted to Give You These Extra Gifts Today‚¶

To accelerate your success and give you even more quick, healthy
‚done-for-you‚ meals, we‚re also throwing in the following 2 ‚juicy‚

Free Bonus #1

Wheat-Free Wonder Breads ($17 value)

Who doesn‚t love bread? Sadly, most breads are terrible for your
health, create high levels of inflammation, send your blood sugar
soaring, and force your body to store excess belly fat.

Well, not anymore! Now, you can have your bread and eat it too with our
delicious gluten-free, wheat-free ‚wonder breads‚. You can enjoy these
delicious breads until your heart‚s content because they‚re 100%
healthy, loaded with fiber and protein, and take less than 30 minutes
to bake in the oven. You‚ll enjoy breads like our ‚Guilt-Free Super
Bread‚, ‚Delicious Dinner Rolls‚, and mouthwatering ‚Banana Bread‚ ‚
just to name a few.

Free Bonus #2

21 Slimming Smoothies ($17 value)

Making a smoothie is one of the easiest ways to send a surge of easily
absorbable ‚high-power‚ nutrients into your body. In just one glass,
you can get 3-5 servings of vegetables and fruit, which provide the
vital nutrients your body needs to stay lean and healthy.

In this recipe guide, you‚ll get 21 of our best slimming smoothies that
you can whip together in 3 minutes or less so that you can get on with
the rest of your day and feel about yourself. These are perfect to use
when you‚re pinched for time and want a quick, healthy ‚liquid‚ meal.

If You Don't Grab This Today‚¶

Then, we‚ve got to be really honest with you. We don‚t like
sugar-coating the truth and that‚s part of the reason we‚re so good at
helping people transform their bodies and health.

Moments from now, you could be transforming your relationship with
food, eating as much of the right foods as you desire‚¶all while
burning more fat than you thought possible.

But here‚s the thing:

You can keep doing exactly what you're doing now. You can continue
struggling to find the right recipes that are proven to prime your body
to release ‚trapped‚ fat. You can count all the calories you want
without seeing any difference on the scale. Your pants will still feel
tight. And you‚ll still be held hostage by food cravings and
last-minute ‚convenience foods‚ decisions because you lack the right

Your ‚obsession with food‚ will kick into full gear...all while others
who are using our Food Freedom Formula are FREE from the shackles of
dieting struggles. They‚ll be in full control of the foods they eat.
You won‚t be.

The months and years will pass, and you will have LOST a golden
opportunity to take advantage of a proven system...at the absolute
lowest price that will ever be offered.

Sure, that may sound harsh but we‚d rather be honest with you then
pretend that everything is going to be ok if you try figuring this out
on your own.

But never forget this:

Both Amy and I believe in YOU. We believe that you will make the best
and only decision for your greatest chance at shedding years of
‚trapped‚ fat, eating healthy consistently, turning back the clock, and
living a life full of energy.

When You Download These Fast Fat Burning Meals, YOU Will:

Drop years of ‚trapped‚ fat while eating delicious real foods
that take minutes to make
Stop eating the toxic ‚diet‚ foods that are disrupting your
hormones and fattening your body with excess inflammation
Never count a single calorie every again ‚ just enjoy your
Save time in the kitchen so you can get on with your life
Have the simplest and most ‚done-for-you‚ meal plan and
recipes so that you don‚t have to ever worry about your next meal
Feel great about yourself for being in full control and free
of dieting rules and deprivation
And more!

Get Your "Unfair Advantage" To Losing Up to 30 Pounds in 42 Days and Staying
Lean Without Counting Calories or Giving Up Delicious Food!"

Yes, I want the Fast Fat Burning Meals cookbook and all the juicy
bonuses for just $10

Your friends in deliciously healthy and simple meals,

Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, RHN
New York Times bestselling author, The All-Day Energy Diet
Amy Coates, BSc., RHN
Creators, Fast Fat Burning Meals

P.S. Every second you wait the odds are good you will do nothing.
Success in life requires action, so act right now while it's fresh in
your mind...

P.S.S. Remember, you have a full 60-day trial period to put Fast Fat
Burning Meals to work for you! Put these meals to the test and you‚ll
see and feel the difference almost immediately. With today‚s special
discount and ‚no questions asked‚ Money Back Guarantee there's NO WAY
you can lose...

Click The ‚Add To Cart‚ Button To Receive Your $20 Discount...PLUS All The

Yes, I want the Fast Fat Burning Meals cookbook and all the juicy
bonuses for just $10

Here‚s What Other Time-Pressed, Food Lovers Are Saying:

"Excellent easy to follow recipes. Most importantly, they are delicious
and healthy and I look forward to making them. Now I consider myself a
better cook and the credit goes to Yuri and his team!"

- Seann Vinyasa-Billson

‚Loving the recipes - common grocery items, easy to put together, and
taste wonderful! My hunger is totally satisfied and there are enough
servings for your better half or family to eat, too. I'm already
feeling more energy and less bloated. Yuri - you should have your own
show on the Cooking Channel or Food Network!‚

- Brenda Halverson

"These recipes have been a life saver for me! It takes all of the
guesswork out of what to cook everyday. Not only is the food delicious,
but it makes me feel great! Thank you, Yuri, for making weight loss so

- Allison McWilliams
Yes, I want the Fast Fat Burning Meals cookbook and all the juicy
bonuses for just $10

Still Have Questions? These Answers Should Help‚¶

Q. What makes this cookbook any different from all the rest?

No other cookbook uses our ‚Food Freedom Formula‚ which gives you
delicious whole food recipes that take less than 15 minutes to make.
The end result is that you are in full control of what you eat, free of
bad choices, spend less time in the kitchen, and are eating your way to
the body of your dreams.

Each recipe is accompanied by a beautiful picture that will make you
salivate just looking at it. And to make your life even easier, we‚ve
provided a no-thinking-required 30-day meal plan so you‚ll know exactly
which of the meals to make and when. Plus, you‚ll also get an itemized
grocery list so you have pinpoint accuracy when buying your groceries ‚
this saves you both time and money! Good luck finding all this anywhere
else, at such a no-brainer price.

Q. Will these recipes fit into my paleo/raw/vegan, etc⦠lifestyle?

Yes, the recipes we create that can soothe all eating plans. Some are
perfect for paleo, others for vegetarians, and so forth. The one thing
they all have in common is that they‚re low in sugar,
allergen-friendly, are quick to make, and taste amazing.

Q. Are these recipes suitable for the entire family?

YES, they are absolutely family-friendly. Amy and I have 3 young boys
and they eat what we eat, which means our meals need to be healthy and
delicious. You‚ll enjoy most of the meals we make at home as well as
those from our contributors, which even the pickiest of eaters will
fall in love with.

Q. What if I‚m allergic to dairy, gluten, soy, or eggs?

Not worry. None of the recipes contain gluten, dairy, or soy and we
have many egg-free recipes as well.

Q. Is this suitable for a non-cook?

YES! On top of all the recipes you'll learn simple and essential
cooking techniques that deliver outstanding taste and great nutrition
in no time at all. You don‚t need to be a pro to enjoy clean and lean
food at home.

Q. Is it going to be really expensive to follow the recipes?

No. We‚ve committed to making this easy for you to follow and light on
your wallet, especially when you consider spending less money dining
out and more time dining in and enjoying the food you cook in your own

Click The ‚Add To Cart‚ Button To Receive Your $20 Discount...PLUS All The

Yes, I want the Fast Fat Burning Meals cookbook and all the juicy
bonuses for just $10

Guaranteed to Simplify Your Life, Shrink Your Waistline, And Dazzle Your
Tastebuds ‚ Or You Pay Nothing!

Which means that if, within 60 days, you do not feel that the Fast Fat
Burning Meals Cookbook has saved you time, given you more peace of
mind, and helped you stay lean without ever counting calories and
giving up delicious foods, then you don't pay a dime.... and you still
get to keep the cookbook as our gift to you!

If you aren‚t impressed before the end of your FREE 30-day trial, then
simply email us so we can cancel your membership.
© Elkaim Group International, Inc. . All rights reserved. Terms |

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